Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catch up!

It's been a really long time since I posted anything on the blog! Here is what we've been up to the last year few months.
Get ready for a picture overload.

St. George with some of my work peeps! 

San Diego with work peeps as well

Nick and I went to Mesquite for a quick weekend getaway.  Don't worry, it was only 115 degrees.

4th of July

Doing a little hiking before Nick's knee surgery

My 25th Birthday Celebration!  Nick took me to Park City to ride the rides and do some shopping.  Then we came back to the park by our house and had a BBQ with some friends. 

Our cute puppies! Just because.

Grilling up some BBQ Wings. Nick became quite the grill master this summer!

Nick's dreaded knee surgery

I played on an a Roller Hockey team with people I work with.  We were terrible but it was SO MUCH FUN!

Nick trying to decide how he feels about "little people" as he would say.

Doing some crafting with Rochelle!

Pumpkin carving with my cousins!

Another attempt at crafting.  Thank heavens for Pinterest!

Having some fun exploring City Creek (mainly Restoration Hardware)

Walking around at Festival of Trees with Rochelle and Trevor and then drinking some Hot Chocolate

We got free tickets to the Jazz game. And yes, we were on the 2nd to last row in the nose bleeds.  We still managed to have a good time!!

Walking around downtown to see the Christmas Lights, and attending Ryan and Ashley's ugly sweater party.

Dinner with these gorgeous gals!
Nicole, Holley, Jess, me, and Katie

We were able to go to Christmas Carol this year! It was so amazing.  This was the only picture I took.  Us entertaining ourselves during intermission. 

Catching up with Jenny and Rachel! I sure miss them! 

New Years Eve party at April and Brickman's house

Nick sent me these gorgeous flowers at work to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! he is the best

Dinner at Tucanos, dessert at Gourmandise, suite at Little America, hot tubbing, sleeping in, breakfast at Denny's.  Best Anniversary yet! Thanks for an amazing three years Nick!

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